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Promistel launches Simple Connect Keypad kit for Wirepas 4.0 networks

As a partner of Wirepas, Promistel often experiments connecting various devices to the Wirepas Mesh and explores new use cases. This time we present EOZ S.Series 12 Touches Keypad Kit running Wirepas 4.0.

The keypad is connected directly to the nRF52832, allowing to transmit instant messages. Now you have more control over security, you can turn on/off the alarm, open/lock the door, clock in/clock out, etc.

Use our hardware for other applications, such as gathering data on customer satisfaction, quality checks, employee feedback, etc.

Now available at Clemanis online store:

Follow the link, and if you have a particular project in mind, contact us directly.

Simple Connected Keypad kit ready with Wirepas 4.0EOZ S.Series 12-button keypad dev kit with Wirepas 4.0

2019 - 11 - 21